Partners & Affiliates

Technology is most powerful when
it empowers everyone.

Investing in good customer relations in most cases will increase profitability and create new leads

Our business is focused on providing competitive advantage solutions to our clients with effective cost savings. Leveraging on our highly competent and experience team members, together with our partners we will ensure our client’s objective is achieved.

“24 hours a day, 7 days a week &
365 days a year of committed services”

These are delivered by a team of highly skilled and experienced consultants, with specific industry knowledge and working in conjunction with leading
partners such as Oracle, Hitachi, IBM, Huawei and VMware. We have over 100 customers, from public sector to some of the country’s leading retailers
and manufacturers, to finance, telecoms and media organisation. With over 5 years of business and more than 10 years IT experiences behind us one of
our greatest values is the experience we have. Delivering a high quality service to our customers in all that we do.


Registered Partner


Solution Provider

Hewlett Packard

PrincipalBusiness HPE Partner Ready Solution Provider

Business Partner in the Aruba Partner Ready for Networking Program


Authorized Partner
(CSP Three-Star)


IBM Partner World - Silver


Registered Reseller


Oracle Partner Network - Gold

Pure Storage

Partner Tier - Preferred


PrincipalSolution Provider
- Professional