Database Professional Services

Database Professional Services

We have experts experienced DBAs available willing to help you with your database technical needs

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Extra Advanced Database Service is an advanced database services for Oracle, MySQL, MsSQL Server, PostgreSQL and Sybase offered by Examedia to our customer. It is a value-added services and will be shared from OCP and experienced support team members.

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Services & Features

At Examedia, database installation and upgrade is custom for customer’s business needs.

We apply the best practice, optimum utilization of hardware and plan to support for long-term usage. Among our services are:

  • Database installation
  • Install Support tools such as Oracle EM Cloud Control, Oracle Fusion Middleware etc.
  • Install Oracle Linux, Solaris

We provide you with comprehensive Database Support services that take care of all your database support requirements.

Our team of experts will work with you 24/7 to recommend and perform every database support task required.

Perform automated cross-platform database migration from all major databases to the newest database management systems.

Provide uninterrupted data availability while performing database reorganization, structural changes to improve data management and performance.

An advanced performance tuning or database troubleshooting services

focuses on the entire process of performance management in addition to the technical aspects of each computing subsystem (Hardware, operating system, database, the Network the application system) and their combined interaction.

An end-to-end database performance tuning and management solution that not only isolates and identifies the root cause of database performance problem but also provides suitable and actionable solution. We assist customers to move from being reactive to proactive and finally to forecast performance in mitigating business risk.

Oracle Database Vault enforces preventive controls to help meet compliance requirements

by restricting powerful users, such as database administrators (DBAs) from unauthorized access to specific information. We perform complete Pen and Audit Test.

Today’s network and operating system security does not defend against dynamic threats to the database.

A proactive database management solution is important for today’s business -critical databases, operating systems and applications.

We understand the fact that implementation is not limited to Oracle RAC, Data-Guard, Advanced Replication and Data Streams but we will also share the true solution using advanced Oracle feature.

At Examedia we guarantee on user satisfaction and knowledge sharing.

Trusted to Innovate, design, implement
& manage your IT solution

Trusted to Innovate, design, implement
& manage your IT solution

Examedia has a proven methodology for engaging customers using a
collaborative solution process to understand business needs.