Application & Software Professional Services

Application & Software Professional Services

We pledge our commitment with highly experienced and qualified engineers to
oversee our customers computing infrastructure and provide instant support.

We are niche player
in Malaysia.

Examedia possessed many successful experience such as in Application Development & Integration, Application Assessment and Consultancy, Application Monitoring and Technical Support, Application Migration Services and because of that makes us a niche player in Malaysia.

“Our experience makes us a niche player in Malaysia ”

Services & Features

We provide application assessment services that cover.
Among the types of services offered are:

  • Web-based, client-server, mobile apps application development and integration
  • System integration services
  • User and business requirement analysis
  • Programing language experience includes PHP, ColdFusion, ASP Classic, .NET, VisualBasic, VBScript, Javascript, C++, Perl and Python
  • Database experience includes Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQLServer, Postgres, Informix and SyBase
  • Operating system: Microsoft Windows, OS/2, Solaris, CentOS, RedHat, OpenBSD, FreeBSD, IOS
  • Web server: IIS, Apache, Nginx.

When contemplating a data center relocation, it is important to employ highly disciplined project management team to ensure consistent, accurate results and risk are mitigated and kept at minimal level.

At Examedia, we have a full proof plans and employ proven project management strategies for successful datacenter relocation.

When your business runs on a single IT infrastructure, your entire system is vulnerable to lost production and heavy costs should a failure occur.

During the time it takes to inspect, repair or replace the system, your company could be down thousands of dollars due to inactivity and lost work.The solution is to have a duplicate IT infrastructure, yet most companies can only afford one.

Partnering with us allows for IT disaster recovery preparation at a affordable costs, as we use quality pre-owned equipment and parts to rebuild systems into more powerful infrastructures.

The complexity of systems integration has increased and forced more investments in ongoing maintenance.

Now is the time to revisit IT strategy and look for ways to consolidate your IT infrastructure to improve responsiveness, reduce costs, and increase performance.

Through carefully planned consolidation, you can achieved the goals and by using our quality pre-owned IT equipment and parts that have been tested and rebuilt to last at a fraction of the cost of new, adding another aordable solution to your IT and business strategy.

Trusted to Innovate, design, implement
& manage your IT solution

Trusted to Innovate, design, implement
& manage your IT solution

Examedia has a proven methodology for engaging customers using a
collaborative solution process to understand business needs.